Boatyard Bolognese

By Captain Kyle

Life in the boatyard can be tough but knocking off work to a hearty bowl of plant-based bolognese is the perfect way to replenish the body, and better yet, left-overs make a pretty sweet lunch the following day! This is a quick, simple and, protein-packed dish that is perfect for boatyard life or for regular rotation to your weekly menu whilst sailing.

Bolognese Pasta


1 tablespoon of sun-dried tomato oil

1 tablespoon sun-dried tomatoes finely diced

1 anchovy

½ brown onion died

3 cloves of crushed garlic

1 teaspoon smoked paprika

1 teaspoon vegetable stock granules

1 teaspoon Italian herbs

2 bay leaves

A hearty dose of cracked black pepper

Chilli to your liking

2 tablespoons of organic tomato paste

1 cup of brown/Puy lentils soaked overnight (for extra nutrients, consider sprouting them too, see HERE!)

½ cup of textured vegetable protein (TVP)*

½ cup of diced pumpkin

1-2 cubes of frozen spinach

1 cup of water (you can definitely use some of the wastewater from your pasta)

4 cups of pasta


  1. Add a tablespoon of sun-dried tomato oil to the saucepan and fry off anchovy, onion, and sun-dried tomatoes on low heat until onion becomes translucent.

  2. Add garlic, spices, herbs, and stock, frying for 30 seconds or until the spices become fragrant.

  3. Mix in the tomato paste, soaked/sprouted lentils, TVP, pumpkin, spinach, and a cup of water. If you choose to use a can of lentils only add ½ cup of water.

  4. Simmer on low heat for 15 minutes whilst you boil the pasta in a separate saucepan according to the packet instructions.

  5. Drain the pasta and divide amongst the serving bowls, ladling the thick and wholesome Bolognese sauce over the top. You might even like to try our Fridge-Free Vegan Parmesan Sprinkle too!

Serves 4

*TVP- Textured vegetable protein is a great protein-dense addition to your dry food stores. Made from the by-products of soybean oil this dried ingredient stores incredibly well and is ideal as a vegetarian replacement for mincemeat. We have used it in pies, tacos, or burger patties but also makes an appearance when we go hiking since it is so lightweight and requires no refrigeration.

Capt Kyle​

A liveaboard sailor, pilot, and jack of all trades. Kyle has been a graphic designer for 19 years, whilst he has traveled the world via boat, bicycle, and bus. His business Nauti Drawings and freelance graphic design has allowed him to create a nomadic existence and satisfied his perpetual need for travel. He is a mad keen spearo, as well as a self-proclaimed sourdough baker, and always keen to explore new wellness concepts and trial alternative lifestyle techniques.

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