Quick Pickled Veggies

By Hayley Tia

When produce is plentiful this is a great way to extend the shelf-life of your veggies. You can continue to enjoy the tangy crunch of pickled vegetables months after this preserving process. Add your pickles to burgers, salad bowls, sundowner platters or as part of a wholesome snack.

Jar pickled cucumber, onion, carrot


2 cups of finely sliced fresh veggies of your choosing. Some popular choices are carrot, cucumber, daikon, onion, cabbage, chilli, but the sky is the limit- get creative.

Bay leaf

Star Anise

Dried chilli flakes

Salt & Pepper

½ cup of white vinegar

½ cup of Apple Cider vinegar

1 teaspoon sea salt

2 teaspoons coconut sugar

Clean glass jar 1x 1L jar or 2x 500ml jars

Ingredients for pickled vegetables


  1. This recipe will make 1 liter of pickled vegetables. Either split the preserve over 2 jars or just one 1L jar, depending on the size of your repurposed jar and the variety of vegetables you wish to pickle. For this recipe we used two 500ml jars, one filled with julienne carrots the other with thin cucumber sticks.

  2. First off make your pickling liquid by adding the vinegars to a small pot and bring to a boil.

  3. Once boiling, dip your pickling jars into the mix to sterilize them. Once fully coated with hot liquid remove and allow to completely dry on a drying rack.

  4. Back to your pickle liquid, add the salt and sugar and stir until these dissolve. Turn the heat off and leave it to cool slightly whilst you prepare your vegetables.

  5. On a clean chopping board, slice or grate up your chosen vegetables and transfer them to your jars.

  6. Add a bay leaf, star anise, dried chilli flakes and salt & pepper to your vegetables before pouring your pickle liquid over the top.

  7. If the pickling liquid is still warm this will help to seal the lids if cooled rapidly. Once the jars are sealed transfer to the fridge to pickle. The pickled veggies will be ready to eat within 2 hours, but we find they produce a far better flavor if left for a few days or even weeks.

Hayley Tia

A liveaboard sailor and professional copywriter, creating content from the cabin of her floating home. Prior to life on the water, Hayley owned and operated a seaside cafe for over 7 years whilst starting a degree in marine biology. She now enjoys the space and time the liveaboard life has given her and enjoys preparing nutritious meals in the galley as well as utilising her qualifications as a yoga instructor to lead morning yoga sessions on the beach at each new anchorage.

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