Rough Seas Fridge Cake

By Hayley Tia

A seafarers take on the classic Rocky Road. This rough and rolly fridge cake is filled with the wholesome goodness of nuts, seeds and antioxidant rich berries, and it can be prepared without even turning on the oven! Perfect as a festive treat or boat dinner party dessert.

Sailors rocky road


1 1/2 cups of dark chocolate

1/3 cup pistachios

1/3 cup hazelnuts

1/3 cup Brazil nuts

1/3 cup of pumpkin and sunflower seeds

1/2 cup of toasted coconut flakes

1/2 cup of mixed berries

1 teaspoon of orange zest


  1. Start by melting down the dark chocolate using a heatproof bowl over a saucepan of warm water, stirring continuously.

  2. Once melted combine all the nuts, seeds, and coconut flakes, mixing to cover all the ingredients in the warm melted chocolate.

  3. Pour the mixture into a Tupperware container lined with baking paper, pressing it into the base of the container evenly.

  4. Top with berries, orange zest, and any additional coconut flakes and nuts you have on hand.

  5. Place into the fridge unset. Set firm.

  6. Slice the Rough Seas Fridge Cake to serve, exposing a cross-sections of all of the wholesome goodness inside. Leftovers (if there are any!) can be stored in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 3 days.

Serves 8-10

The beauty of this dessert is you can mix up ingredients to what you have on hand or to what the occasion is. For those of us in the Southern Hemisphere, we think of cherries as a Christmas treat so this particular variation of the recipe is something we share with the anchorage at our Christmas Eve party.

Hayley Tia

A liveaboard sailor and professional copywriter, creating content from the cabin of her floating home. Prior to life on the water, Hayley owned and operated a seaside cafe for over 7 years whilst starting a degree in marine biology. She now enjoys the space and time the liveaboard life has given her and enjoys preparing nutritious meals in the galley as well as utilising her qualifications as a yoga instructor to lead morning yoga sessions on the beach at each new anchorage.

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