Umami Buddha Bowl

By TWS resident Nutritionist Quincey Cummings

This breakfast bowl is loaded with nutrient-dense, savory foods - the perfect fuel to kick-start your day! Buckwheat is a gluten-free, high-protein grain that has a wonderful texture and is very filling. Cooked kale and seaweed flakes provide bio-available calcium (meaning, the body can actually absorb and use it!) for bone health. Shiitakes and egg yolks are among the few foods that provide Vitamin D, also necessary for bone health as well as supporting the immune system. The probiotic-rich miso dressing is incredibly tasty and very good for supporting digestion!

Umami Buddha bowl


1 cup buckwheat

2.5 cups broth or water

1 tablespoon ghee or coconut oil

8 oz. tempeh, in bite-size slices

4 cups chopped kale

2 cup sliced shiitake mushrooms

Garnish Options

Pumpkin seeds


1 large avocado, long slices

Nutritional yeast

Chili pepper flakes

Sesame seeds

Nori or dulse seaweed flakes, or a furikake blend


4 eggs (your choice: hard, soft boiled, or poached)

Miso Dressing

2 tablespoons miso paste

1 teaspoon fresh grated ginger

1 clove garlic, crushed and minced

4 tablespoons toasted sesame oil

1 teaspoon maple syrup or raw honey

Half lime, juiced

Pinch of sea salt


  1. Cook buckwheat with broth/water and ghee/coconut oil in a rice cooker or stovetop.

  2. Mix all dressing ingredients in a bowl or mason jar, set aside.

  3. Sauté kale and shiitake mushrooms in coconut oil in a pan until wilted. Add in the sliced tempeh and cook until golden brown.

  4. Season the vegetable/tempeh with a sprinkle of soy sauce or sea salt.

  5. Divide up buckwheat, sautéed veggies, and tempeh into four bowls.

  6. Sprinkle garnish ingredients and one egg (sliced into two halves) into each bowl and drizzle with miso dressing.

Serves 4

Buddha Bowl

Presentation Tip - Use a 1/2 measuring cup and fill it with buckwheat. Pack down with the back of a spoon, and invert into your serving bowl for a perfectly shaped, fancy serving of buckwheat! You can also pull off this trick with most kinds of rice.

Quincey Cummings​

Quincey is a holistic nutritionist and co-captain aboard her Kelly Peterson 46, Esprit. She spent much of her childhood in Southeast Asia and she's had the great fortune to travel to many countries. Her culinary tastes reflect a fusion of worldly cuisines. She holds a degree in Nutrition and Human Development and is a certified Nutritionist. She delights in sharing two of her greatest passions; sailing and great food! Her desire is to inspire other cruisers to nourish themselves every day with delicious meals they can create in small, moving spaces.

Together with her partner they liveaboard and cruise the Southern California coast and the Channel Islands, with plans to venture further south and into the Trade Winds.

You can find more delicious, cruising-friendly recipes on her Galley Blog


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